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Press Release

Scottish Vehicle Recovery Association (SVRA).

The 'Scottish Vehicle Recovery Association', commonly referred to as the SVRA, is an association that was formed in 2006 with the aim of representing the interests of Recovery Operators in Scotland. SVRA does not participate in commercial or financial ventures and is run solely for the purpose of providing a platform for discussion and participation for the benefit of its members.

In January of this year, 2014, a Limited Company, called SVRA Ltd, was registered. This is an active Private Limited Company that may participate in commercial ventures. For that reason, it is vital that 'Scottish Vehicle Recovery Association' makes it absolutely clear that there is no direct link to SVRA Ltd, neither are we affiliated in any way to SVRA Ltd. We do not have any financial stake in this company and do not have any input or influence in its creation, organisation, management or running of its affairs.

In the event that SVRA Ltd should submit bids to participate in any commercial venture or contract, 'Scottish Vehicle Recovery Association' wishes to elucidate that it does not lend support or sponsorship in any form and does not endorse the company or its activities.

The close similarity to our name may be misleading to commercial enterprises that choose to deal with SVRA Ltd and all parties should be clear that the similarity between the names is where the connection ends.

SVRA Ltd does not have any input into the Scottish Vehicle Recovery Association.

W. Gormley,
Scottish Vehicle Recovery Association (SVRA)

Release Date 13 June 2014

  • We are an association representing members all over Scotland
  • Our organisation aims to provide support & information to them
  • All members provide services to motoring clubs and other agencies
  • We come together to discuss all matters relevant to the industry in Scotland

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