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About Us

The Scottish Vehicle Recovery Association is a nationally recognised and accredited organisation committed to providing a unified voice & representation
for the Scottish Vehicle Recovery Industry.

The SVRA was launched in Scotland to provide a single voice and representation for the industry and its members, the aim being to address issues arising out of the different geographic and demographic conditions, which prevail in Scotland.

Differences exist too in political structure - for example the Highways Agency does not exist in Scotland. Transport Scotland deals with roads and we have direct access to the Scottish Parliament to address and resolve matters that might elsewhere be handled by the Highways Agency.

Our Organsiation allows us to focus on the issues pertinent to the Recovery Operators based in Scotland - just as there are issues pertinent to London Operators who subsequently set up the LARO.

The SVRA harnesses the best resources in Scotland together to provide complete support across many common issues within the Recovery Industry. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and shared knowledge empowers individual businesses in Scotland to survive and grow in our industry.

It is often necessary to deal with certain issues in a very specific way - the SVRA is able to give that extra support to Scottish members, with local issues being targeted.

  • We are an association representing members all over Scotland
  • Our organisation aims to provide support & information to them
  • All members provide services to motoring clubs and other agencies
  • We come together to discuss all matters relevant to the industry in Scotland

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