The Scottish Vehicle Recovery Association is a nationally recognised and accredited organisation committed to providing a unified voice and representation for the Scottish Vehicle Recovery and Breakdown Industry.



The Scottish Vehicle Recovery Association is a unified body providing a single voice for the vehicle recovery & breakdown industry in Scotland.
We address issues arising out of the different demographic & geographic conditions, which prevail in Scotland.

We harness the industry resources in Scotland together, to provide complete support across many common issues within the Recovery Industry. Shared knowledge through the SVRA allows more businesses in Scotland to survive and flourish within the industry.

SVRA is able to give that extra support to Scottish members, with local issues being targeted. We are an association for our members; our aim being to provide support, assistance and information to them. All our members provide services to motoring clubs and other agencies, and we come together as a single voice.

Our Mission
We represent and provide a single voice for all matters relevant to the Scottish Vehicle Recovery Industry.